Geografia da Armênia

Geographic Coordinates:
in the South: 38o 50′ Northern Latitude;
in the North: 41o 20′ Northern Latitude:
in the West: 43o 30′ Eastern Longitude;
in the East: 46o 00′ Eastern Longitude

Neighboring Countries
in the North: Georgia; in the East: Azerbaijan; in the South: Iran; in the South-West: Nakhijevan (Azerbaijan); in the West: Turkey.

29.74 thousand square kilometers

Average Altitude Above Sea Level:
1,800 meters

Highest Mountain Peak:
Aragats (4,090 meters)

Natural Resources:
Armenia is rich in copper, iron, bauxite, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead and zinc.
Substantial deposits of pumice, marble, tufa, perlite, limestone, basalt and salt also exist. Precious and semi-precious stones are abundant.

Armenian National Atlas – Volume A

Armenian National Atlas – Volume B